Iretioluwa Akerele

Co-Founder at Cyblack

Iretioluwa Akerele is a visionary leader and an award-winning cybersecurity professional. She is a cybersecurity consultant, academic researcher, and an industry practitioner. She is a career coach and mentor who has given direction to over 1,000 cybersecurity beginners and enthusiasts. Iretioluwa is an advisory board member of Cybersafe Foundation, a Non-Governmental organization on a mission to facilitate pockets of changes that ensure a safer internet for everyone with digital access in Africa. She is a Director at Cybarik Limited, an organisation that provides world-class information security consulting and training to organisations and individuals. Iretioluwa is excellent, has integrity and is passionate about supporting people starting their career in Cybersecurity. She co-founded Cyblack, a cybersecurity community that supports Cybersecurity students and enthusiasts to achieve their goals.